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OK ! After much speculation, Greg finally got this late '56 (titled '57) LowLight Karmann Ghia. He's known of this car for many years and when the call came in... it was on the trailer in hours! There are those cars that come along that you just can't see ever selling, mine is the '66 velvet standard micro I got last fall... And this Ghia is Greg's. After many months of paperwork nightmare the car is home and tucked away awaiting the work it needs to be a driver (for now!) and, someday, a beautifully restored classic. It is in absolute original condition and has a long and VERY well documented history. Originally purchased from the one and only ECONOMOTORS, it has been serviced by as many as 8 other California Volkswagen dealers and foreign auto houses, gaining a triple-gauge and H-4s along the way. The Ghia had been languishing in storage for many, many, years until it came into our hands, got a simple bath, and now resides under Gregs watchful eye!
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